Patient Testimonials

Dr. Dewhurst is an awesome dentist! He takes great care of his patients, especially if a person is afraid of going to the dentist. I highly recommend Custom Dental of Perry.

- Brenda

We were referred by friends and were both pleased and impressed with Custom Dental in Perry, OK. All of the staff members were extremely friendly and courteous. We weren’t “shamed” for any issues or concerns as I have seen by some other places in the past. From the receptionist to the hygienist, the doctor, and everyone else, I feel that my family of five was very well taken care of by each member of their team. They seem far more advanced in many of the tools that they use in their field than any other dentist I have been to as well. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

- Jerry

Despite being anxious about the visit, the staff was kind and courteous to every member of my family, the procedures were non-invasive and for my children, they were made to be exciting. Results of our visit, as well as plans for future visits, were clearly explained to us. I highly recommend this facility to anyone searching for a new dentist.

- Amber

Went in very anxious about a tooth removal. Despite the tooth being difficult to pull, I experienced a very tiny amount of pain and 12 hours later there is no soreness whatsoever. Some of the nicest staff as well.

- Robert